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MessageSujet: Rules   Rules EmptyMar Avr 21, 2009 12:04 am

What's a Moderator?

People you can trust, who has many options that regular member doesn't have.
Delete a topic
Move a topic
Lock (or unlock) a topic
Split a topic in two
Edit a topic

When a subject is not active or if there is too many flood in it, a modo can lock the subject and explain why he did. He is like a mini-boss and you must listen to what he says.

What's an Administrator?

He is the boss. He created the forum. He got the full options nobody can get. He got the power!


R1 - Flood is not allowed out of the "Flood" part and "Games" part.

R1.2 - Replying «Ok» , «Nice» «Haha», «Smile» or something like that to a post is consider like flooding so, it's not allowed. Reply by a full sentence, you surely have something more to say.

R2 - The Subject Title must be clear and precise.

R3 - SMS writing form is forbid, so «thks» «brb» and others are not allowed here. This is a forum, write entire sentences, so we can understand you.

R4 - No coarse, racism, offend, sexual or sexist word are allowed here.

R5 - Pay attention not to post twice the same thing

R6 - Pay attention not to create a subject already created.

R7 - Avatar max 150X200
jpg, gif or png size

R8 - Signature max 450X200
jpg, gif, png size
To put a signature in your profile, you must click on - signature in the profil options and then you paste your image link between Rules  *link here*

R9 - When you post a photo in a subject, please verify if it's not too big for the forum. If it's too big, just paste the link or you can put the photo as a spoiler.
[spoiler][img]*link here*[/img][/spoiler]

R10 - Writing RED is forbidden, this is exclusively reserved to Admin and Modo to warn members.

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